Keeping your children active during the summer months could be a challenge, especially nowadays with all the technology they have right at their fingertips (literally). If you want to prevent your children from burying their heads in their video games and iPads, sign them up for summer camp with us, located in Rochester, NY.


Summer camp is important in keeping your children healthy and happy. We all know that youth sports benefits the health of your children, but how exactly? The reasons go beyond keeping your children fit and active and benefit them in these ways:


Assists in Physical Development

An obvious reason is that physical activity builds stronger muscles and bones, but it also makes your child less likely to suffer from physical injury and helps in building a foundation for future growth. Let’s be honest, exercise is one of the least expensive ways to stay healthy today. A study done at the National Institutes of Health last year found that “leisure-time physical activity is associated with a reduced risk of 13 different types of cancer.” I would say that’s reason enough!


Aids in Weight Control

Childhood obesity is a major problem today, especially in the U.S. Playing sports and being active can help children avoid this issue.


Builds Character

Youth activities assists in building skills such as teamwork, responsibility, and leadership. Developing a sense of teamwork often means that kids will look out for their teammates by making sure they are not being left out. This gives them a sense of responsibility for other people. At our facility, we promote these skills within our summer camps.


Boosts Self-Esteem

Being able to set and achieve goals will increase a child's value of their self. Just being part of a team or group boosts confidence and makes them think positively because they are part of something. They will be able to learn from failure and how to deal with it when faced with it.


Provides Guidance

We know that parents and guardians are the ultimate guidance providers, but children can also get this from participating in activities. They will meet people they look up to, whether it be a coach, trainer, or volunteer, they will make sure that the child stays on track. Our staff strives to be mentors to your children and will be sure to provide guidance to them.

If children enjoy the activity they are participating in they will likely spend more time doing just that. Our summer camps in Rochester, NY give them the freedom to be who they want while  we help them build skills needed in their everyday life. You can be rest assured that when they are here they are staying active and learning all while having fun! So what are you waiting for? Sign your child up for our camp in Rochester, NY for the 2017 summer months!