On the fence about whether or not summer camp is the right choice for your child? Summer break is rapidly approaching and at Northern Hemisphere Gym we provide summer camps in Rochester, NY for children starting as young as 4 years old. Summer camps have been proven to instill varying social skills in children and we are happy to provide the environment for your child to thrive over summer break!

Core advantages provided by summer camps:

Friendship building and social skills

  • Enhancing physical activity

  • Overcoming and avoiding nature deficit disorder

  • Exposure to leadership skills

  • Guaranteed active play time

Friendship building and social skills:

Summer camps are a great opportunity for your child to meet other new children they may not know from school. Summer camp also allows your child to put themselves out there in an environment that is structured much different than the social time allotted at school. At camp children develop and improve social skills, delve into their independence and capitalize on their self-esteem.

Enhancing physical activity:

It’s become very routine for children and adults alike to turn to digital entertainment when given down time. Studies have found that as little as 7% of youth get the recommended hour a day of exercise. With summer camp your child will easily surpass the recommended daily exercise and will enjoy it at the same time. Summer camps provide physical activity that is well disguised through varying stimulating activities and games.

Overcoming and avoiding nature deficit disorder:

Nature deficit disorder is a phrase coined by Richard Louv in 2005. It is defined as human beings, especially children, spending less time outdoors resulting in a wide range of behavioral problems. While it’s not a recognized as a medical term, it does reveal the issue we face as a technologically dominant society. Our summer camps in Rochester, NY provide outdoor activities that will get your child outdoors expending their energy in a healthy and beneficial way through activities such as rope courses, kayaking and zip lining!

Exposure to leadership skills:

Your child will meet new friends and participate in challenging and engaging activities in a structured environment. Whether it be through team activities or by observing the summer camp leader's your child will be exposed to leadership qualities such as communication skills, self-expression, being a team player and confidence. These are skills your child can develop and build on throughout summer camp and can carry on through life.

Guaranteed active play time:

We are happy to provide activities that keep your child moving throughout the day! Indoor gymnastics, ninja warrior events, archery, ropes courses, zip lines, and kayaking are just some of the activities we provide within our summer camps. Through play children explore their boundaries, participate in healthy competition and build their imagination.

At Northern Hemisphere Gym we offer 3 different summer camps in Rochester, NY. Choose from Preschool Adventure Camp (children aged 4-6), Adventure Camp (children 6+), or Gymnastics Camp (children 6+).

We are currently accepting registration for 2018 Summer Camp! To find out more information including pricing and time slots available click here or call us at (585) 265-4740