After the school year ends, summer arrives with a variety of activities for children. One of these activities is summer camps! Along with having a lot of fun, summer camp provides children psychological benefits as well. At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, we offer a variety of summer camps in Rochester, NY.

Independence and Resilience

One of the main benefits of summer camp is the opportunity to learn, be more independent, and practice making decisions for oneself. At our summer camps in Rochester, NY, we encourage children to break out of their shell and challenge themselves. Summer camp provides time away from home and allows a child to develop a sense of independence and build up their inner-strength. It is noted that even a few hours of summer camp per day can be incredibly beneficial to a child.

Problem Solving

At our summer camps in Rochester, NY, or counselors challenge children to problem solve, and give them multiple opportunities to do so. They understand that not every child will master every skill, but they provide children the opportunity to practice, fail, have fun, and learn how to problem solve along the way. Children are able to compete in tasks and reach their goals. Problem solving is a key skill for children to develop. By learning how to problem solve, children are also learning how to make better decisions. Summer camp provides children the opportunity to make their own decisions and solve their own problems, without help or advice from their parents.

Belonging to a Community

Summer camp in Rochester, NY focuses on all children belonging to a community. School focuses on individual testing and academics, while summer camp focuses on providing a fun, enriching environment, where children are encouraged to work together. Activities at summer camp stimulate social scenarios that encourage children to work together and be socially involved. Belonging to a diverse community also increases social awareness, and makes children more empathetic. By interacting with other children from diverse places and backgrounds, children form their own social awareness, and can achieve a community feel through successful relationships with others who are different from them.

Our Summer Camp Philosophy

Make sure that this fits with what you and your children are looking for. Here at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, our motto is “Kids first, winning second.” It isn’t all about who won or who is better at something. We teach them necessary skills that they take with them. We offer one of the top summer camps in Rochester, NY! We put safety first and are able to be attentive to your children by having a bigger staff and smaller classes. We have a ratio of 8 kids per coach!

Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics offers a variety of summer camps in Rochester, NY designed to benefit your child and help them grow as a person! Sign up for our camps today!