Help your child develop new skills, while having a ton of fun at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics summer camp in Rochester, NY. Our adventure camps offers children unique activities, including indoor gymnastics, ninja warrior events, archery, rope course, zip lines, kayaking, slip n’ slides, outdoor play areas, and more! Check out some of the top reasons to send your child to an adventure camp below!

Build Your Child’s Confidence:

Sending your child to summer camp in Rochester, NY can build a whole new level of confidence for your child. At our adventure camp, children are given new challenges and new unique activities every day, designed to allow them to break out of their comfort zone and try new things. At our camps, children become problem solvers and obstacle conquerors. Every accomplishment boosts your child’s confidence like nothing else, and they have a great time doing it.

Making New Friends:

Sending your child to an adventure camp can provide them the opportunity to make new friends. Adventure camp introduces children to real, long-lasting friendships, and creates a more diverse community for them. Our unique activities allow children to share challenges and experiences together while creating meaningful relationships. Check out our summer camps in Rochester, NY and create a more diverse community for your child!

New Experiences:

In today’s day and age, most children spend more than six hours a day on electronics, including gaming, phones, and televisions. Adventure camp gets children off their electronics for the day, and provides them with experiential learning, or learning through experience. Our camp is designed to have children get over their fears while experiencing new things. Your child may have a fear of heights, but after trying out our zip line or rope course, may completely get over this fear, and have a really cool story to tell you when they get home. Check out the unique experiences our summer camp in Rochester, NY has to offer, and help your child overcome their fears!

A sense of Independence:

One of our main focuses at our summer camps in Rochester, NY is giving your child a sense of independence. Leaving a parent for an entire day can be scary and challenging for some children, but our goal is to give your child a unique experience, that will want them coming back for more fun everyday. We strive for children to develop a sense of independence through our unique and challenging activities. Being in an unfamiliar environment and being challenged can often provoke independence, and allow children to discover new personal strengths they may not have realized they had. Trying new activities without a parent’s help can be very empowering for a child!

Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics offers summer camps for all ages in Rochester, NY. Give your child a unique and rewarding experience this summer! Check out our camps online and provide your child with some adventure in their life!