After school programs in Rochester, NY are a great way to keep your child’s development and growth growing outside of school hours. Encouraging social, physical, or educational activities to keep our children’s minds and bodies moving sets them up for success in the future. From the moment your child is born, you have 963 weeks until they turn 18 and they can make decisions about their life on their own. Time is valuable and encouraging activities outside of school can make a positive influence on a child’s future.  

Northern Hemisphere has after-school programs in Rochester, NY for all ages and levels in who are interested in gymnastics. We believe that signing your children up for an after school program at our gymnastics facility is truly beneficial to their growth and development. A well structured after-school program in Rochester, NY can turn aimless hours after school into productive learning and development time. Kids can feel more inclined to join a game, start a conversation, and increase their social self-awareness. Scientifically proven benefits include

  • Increases academic performance

  • Improves leadership skills

  • Improves social skills

  • Less behavioral and emotional issues both in the classroom and at home

  • Keeps kids physically active and encourages healthy diets

  • Increases problem-solving skills

One of our programs that kids for the past year have been enjoying is our Ninja Warriors course! Our course is proven to help with coordination and strength and most importantly, it’s fun. We wanted to stray away from your typical after-school programs in Rochester, NY and bring something new to the table. No other gymnastics facility in the Rochester area provides all of the American Ninja Warrior obstacles as safe as we do. With brand new equipment, safe harnesses, and trained staff who can spot and train your child to get through each obstacle, Northern Hemisphere is the place for an after school program in Rochester, NY.

Working hard and learning does not stop outside of the classroom as this is the best time to try and experience new things! We offer other great after-school programs, but our Ninja Warrior Course in Rochester, NY is a great option to get started. The Ninja Warrior Course is available during the following days/times:

Thur. 7:30 pm-8:40 pm (ages 6 and up)

Fri.    4:15 pm-5:25 pm (ages 6 and up)

Sat.   12:00 pm-1:10 pm (ages 9 and up)

We want our parents to be happy with where they send their kids after school. Your child's experience with us will help them continue to grow and develop into strong, smart, and social people right in front of your eyes. Contribute to your child’s growth and development by choosing from the best after-school programs that Rochester, NY has to offer!