Physical activity for children helps create the foundation for a healthy and active life as they mature. Now physical activity for children will differ from what you might be used to. The daily routine of going to the gym, lifting weights or big cardio workouts are great for adults, but children don’t need all of that. Early childhood activity like playing outdoors and running around with friends fosters the development of good physical activity habits.

There are also after school programs in Rochester, NY offer a wide choice of play-based, physically active learning experiences that link to children’s interests and abilities. Northern Hemisphere has gymnastics after school programs in Rochester, NY for all ages. Our gymnastics facility is truly beneficial for children of all ages and skill levels to assist their growth and development. Here are some scientifically proven benefits of afterschool programs:

  • Increases academic performance

  • Increases the likeliness of children to attend school regularly and less likely to skip/drop out

  • Improves leadership skills

  • Improves social skills

  • Less behavioral and emotional issues both in the classroom and at home


We make sure that our after school classes in Rochester, NY are both fun and structured. All of our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about working with children, training, and gymnastics. By providing after school programs in Rochester, NY, Northern Hemisphere can get kids to turn off screens and start craving the next outdoor and gymnastic adventure! These programs are especially designed to keep kids constantly active and excited about daily activities. In addition, these after school programs in Rochester, NY will have plenty of other kids their own age your child can develop memories and lasting friendships with.


With a variety of after school programs in Rochester, NY, your kid is bound to find something they love. At Northern, we offer after school programs in gymnastics for preschoolers and children 6+. See them all here


At Northern Hemisphere, our after school programs in Rochester, NY are dedicated to providing experiences your child won’t find anywhere else that will keep them happy and healthy!