With school out of session and the kids ready for summer, now is a great time to find activities for your kids to do during the day. Summer camps provide activities that kids can enjoy, and at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics we excel in offering a variety of summer camp programs in Rochester, NY. Here are the three summer camp programs that we offer:

Adventure Camps

Kids of all ages have a passion for adventure, and at Northern Hemisphere our staff acknowledges this by offering a summer camp in Rochester, NY that embraces the spirit of adventure. Kids that are 6 years old and older can participate in this program, where they will be immersed in a variety of adventurous activities like indoor gymnastics, ninja warrior events, archery, ropes courses, zip lines, and more! Northern Hemisphere can help to make sure that your child’s summer is one they’ll enjoy to the fullest. Our adventure camp program is available from 9am – 4pm during the summer.

 Preschool Camps

Northern Hemisphere is equipped to provide fun to kids of all ages, and that includes the little ones. 4 to 7 year olds can take part in our Preschool summer camps in Rochester, NY, which offer similar activities included in our Adventure Camps, but at an easier and age-appropriate level. Our staff at Northern Hemisphere will help provide the little ones with basics in gymnastics, obstacle courses, slip n’ slides, and playing outside. Our preschool camps are available from 9:30am – 12pm throughout the summer.

Gymnastics Camps

For more experienced kids, Northern Hemisphere offers a Gymnastics summer camp in Rochester, NY. This camp is not recommended for beginners and allows kids ages 6 and older to participate and focus more on gymnastics alone. Our gymnastics camp is available from 9am – 4pm, 9am – 12pm, or 1pm – 4pm during the summer.

Our camps are designed to help challenge children with the unique activities that we offer. We want everyone who participates to have fun at our camps, so anyone who enrolls in our summer camps in Rochester, NY must be able to play well with others and follow directions. All children must have a waiver and behavioral agreement signed by a parent in order to participate. These forms can be found on our website.

Northern Hemisphere is now accepting enrollment for Summer 2019, so don’t miss out on a fun-filled opportunity and enroll your child in one of our summer camps in Rochester, NY. We can make sure that their summer is full of fun activities!