If you’ve ever played sports or have kids that partake in sports, you know that injury prevention is key to an athlete’s overall health, performance, and stability. With all sports and physical activity, contact or not, injuries are a possibility. Here at Northern Hemisphere, we want to educate and train all of our athletes in a way that incorporates injury prevention so that they stay healthy and have fun. We understand the nervousness that comes with the possibility of our children getting injured in sports, but our staff’s main priority is to keep your children safe!


It is scientifically proven that strength training significantly decreases an athlete’s vulnerability to injury. So, how much more fun could you have while strength training than through the use of our Ninja Warrior Course in Rochester, NY? Just like the Ninja Warrior show on TV, our course has several unique and challenging obstacles for your child to experiment with. Our staff will teach them the safest ways to overcome the Ninja Warrior Course, all while building up strength and coordination. As your child continues to build up their strength by using our Ninja Warrior Course, their chances of injury will keep decreasing!


Physical Prevention

Strength training is good for injury prevention. It also keeps gymnasts motivated by helping them progress to the next skill level. Without strength, gymnasts cannot continue to learn new and advanced skills. Adding to this, a strong core is very important when it comes to providing a stable base for their arms and legs as they move, run, jump, flip, etc.  Having a strong core provides gymnasts with a stable base for the arms and legs as they move in different directions. The Ninja Warrior Course at Northern Hemisphere in Rochester, NY focuses a lot on strengthening the core muscles that allow our gymnasts to do what they do best and continue to advance, injury free!

Muscle pulls and tears are possible if our gymnasts don’t take the proper means to warm up and stretch before doing physical activity. Flexibility imbalances can occur in the thighs, calf muscles, and hips of gymnasts especially. Performing stretches several times a day and making sure to properly warm up before doing gymnastics will significantly improve strength and injury prevention. Keeping your muscles healthy and strong is key to being a successful gymnast!


Mental Prevention

Gymnasts are often viewed as fearless because of all the different flips and tricks they can accomplish that most other people cannot or would be afraid to do. It is completely normal and healthy for gymnasts to get excited and anxious while performing or competing; however, if these feelings cause the gymnast to lose focus, serious injury could be the consequence. Here at Northern Hemisphere, we make sure to train our athletes not only physically, but mentally. The challenging obstacles in our Ninja Warrior Course in Rochester, NY is a great place to start. The course can teach our athletes how to control different feelings of excitement or anxiousness and channel those feelings in a way that will benefit their performance, instead of hinder it or cause injury. It will also train them to stay focused and build up the mental aspect of their game that prevents injury.

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