American Ninja Warrior is the popular TV show where contestants have to physically challenge themselves to get through an obstacle course under an allotted amount of time. And you might’ve seen American Ninja Warrior Junior this fall on the Universal Kids TV channel. This is a scaled down version for kids ages 9 -14 which is relatable to the ages of your kids. Northern Hemisphere Gym offers after school programs in Rochester, NY for kids ages 5 and up. Choose from classes that teach your child flips and tricks, gymnastics, ninja warriors and more! All at our Webster gym conveniently located in Rochester, New York.  

Our Ninja Warrior course is proven to help with coordination and strength and most importantly, it’s fun. There are opportunities for you children to train to be the next American Ninja Warrior or Junior Warrior! As part of our after school programs in our Rochester, NY facility we wanted to create a unique experience. Our challenges and obstacles are ready and waiting for your kids to explore and overcome with fun. We also have trained staff each step of the way to ensure safety and encourage your child as they make their way through.

Learn how to beat the jumping spider, climb to the top of our 7ft and 10ft walls, and try not to fall into the foam pit! These and many other obstacles will keep your child challenged and in good shape. In no time you will start to see improvements in your child’s coordination, strength, and overall happiness. Getting involved in an after school program in Rochester, NY especially one as challenging as the Ninja Warrior Course, helps your child find passions and interests. A healthy activity outside of school is not only good for their growth, but they also get that amazing feeling of accomplishment when they make it through of Ninja Warrior course. Working hard and learning does not stop outside of the classroom. Our Ninja Warrior course is a great after school program in Rochester, NY to keep your child active.