With the end of the school year approaching, it’s the perfect time to get your child into different activities for the summer. At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, we offer a variety of summer camp programs in Rochester, NY. Our Gymnastics Camp is a great way to get your child active this summer while learning new skills! As a parent, you want to make sure that the activity you enroll your child in is safe. With gymnastics you are encouraging an active lifestyle with the benefit of your child learning motor skills, strength and discipline. Let’s dive into the top health benefits your child will receive.

Develop Strong and Healthy Bones

When participating in weight-bearing exercise at a young age, you preserve bone density. This can help prevent bone disorders that sometimes come with age in the future. If you’ve been thinking about putting your child into a summer camp in Rochester, NY our gymnastics camp is a great way to promote positive bone growth.

Refine Motor Skills & Increase Coordination

Gymnastics helps children get a sense of body awareness and coordination. In this sport you’re forced to learn different ways to use each body part, which helps with overall dexterity. By developing balance and flexibility, children are able to react faster to sudden imbalances and correct. At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics we offer Preschool and Adventure Camps that provide your child a unique summer camp program in Rochester, NY if they don’t want to focus solely on gymnastics.

Increase Strength

If you think gymnastics won't give your child a decent workout, think again! It is an incredible way to improve muscular strength and power because they will be using bodyweight training as a way to work both upper and lower body, while also strengthening their core.

Sharpen Discipline

Most kids want to perform some amazing moves in our first class, but realistically the majority of gymnastics moves take quite some time to master. It’s much better to listen to the coach and learn the correct technique rather than just taking a risk and going for it, which could potentially result in injury. The sense of discipline instilled by gymnastics training is incredible - from listening to instruction right through to applying it and performing the move. By learning how to listen and apply at a young age, this will instill positive discipline that will carry with them into the future.

Develop Social Skills

If you're child is relatively shy, then learning gymnastics will help to improve their social skills. They'll be talking to classmates while learning new things while navigating the gymnastics world. Your child will improve their social skills without having to feel like it’s forced because every participant will be in the same situation, eager to learn a new skill!

Our gymnastics summer camp in Rochester, NY can also help children develop public speaking skills because every child is encouraged to speak their mind, have a voice at camp and ask questions.