Learn How to Interact with Others

Day camp is a great way to allow children to interact with new people and learn how to work well with others. In the classroom, children are often surrounded by the same people everyday. However, at camp, there are new children every week, which allows your child to learn how to interact with others. According to a study, 96% of campers say that summer camp helped them make new friends. Help your child make new friends and expand their mind this summer at summer camp in Rochester, NY.

Gain Problem Solving Skills

Summer camp in Rochester, NY is a great way for a child to develop problem solving skills. In day camp, children are challenged on a daily basis to gain new skills and think outside the box. We encourage children to think outside the box and develop new skills. Being away from parents for the day allows a child to develop their own problem solving skills, and think for themselves.

Develop Leadership Skills and Public Speaking Skills

Summer camp encourages a child to become a leader. Children are encouraged to utilize their skills and become a leader. Leadership is an important quality, and teaching children to become leaders when they are young is very beneficial. Summer camp in Rochester, NY can also help children develop public speaking skills because every child is encouraged to speak their mind, and have a voice at camp. Children are encouraged to step outside their comfort zone. Day camp can also allows for a partnership between parents and camp, because parents can witness their children's new skills in action.

Create Independence

Day camp is a great introduction to longer-term experiences from home. Being away from the home all day allows children to create independence, and become their own person. This prepares them for longer-term experiences including sleepover camp or school trips. If your child is not ready for sleepaway camp, day camp still provides unique activities children do not experience during the school year. At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, a variety of unique summer camp programs in Rochester, NY are offered and perfect to entertain your child throughout the day.

If you are looking for a great summer camp in Rochester, NY, Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics has a variety of different programs, perfect for any child. Help your child gain a new sense of independence, and develop new skills this summer at one of our day camps. Full-day and half-day sessions are available!