All parents can agree that school plays a key role in their child’s development starting in preschool and continuing all the way through senior year of high school. However, growth and development doesn’t come to a halt once the bell rings and classes are over for the day. In fact, after school is the perfect time to continue to work on developing our children through the use of after school programs in Rochester, NY. Whether it’s something social, physical, or educational, it is crucial to keep our children’s minds working, bodies moving, and hearts open to new experiences. Participating in gymnastics after school is the perfect way to ensure growth of the mind, body, and hearts in both a literal sense and metaphorical sense.

Northern Hemisphere has gymnastics after school programs in Rochester, NY for all ages. We want to prove to you that signing your children up for an after school program at our gymnastics facility is truly beneficial to their growth and development. Here are some scientifically proven benefits of afterschool programs:

  • Increases academic performance

  • Increases the likeliness of children to attend school regularly and less likely to skip/drop out

  • Improves leadership skills

  • Improves social skills

  • Less behavioral and emotional issues both in the classroom and at home

  • Keeps children physically active and encourages healthy diets

  • Increases problem-solving skills

In order for all of these positive aspects of after school programs to truly work, the program itself must do some work on its own end. First, the program must provide access to full participation for each and every student. Here at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics in Rochester, NY we keep a low student-instructor ratio to ensure that all of our students get the proper instruction, attention, and participation time.

Second, the program must have quality programming and staff.

We make sure that our after school classes in Rochester, NY are both fun and structured in order to keep a healthy balance between the two. All of our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about working with children, training, and gymnastics in general.

Lastly, the after school program must create a healthy and comfortable environment to keep the children safe and stress-free. Our motto is “Kids First, Winning Second.” We work extremely hard to make sure that all of our students, regardless of their level, continue to feel challenged without feeling pressured. All of our staff truly try to connect with their students and give them a trusted adult to come to for anything.

We want our parents to be happy with where they send their kids after school to continue growing and developing and Northern Hemisphere is the perfect place for fun and active growth for all ages and experience levels. We stand behind of our after school programs and live up to our motto. Let your children experience all that we have to offer here at Northern Hemisphere and watch them continue to grow and develop into strong, smart, and social people right in front of your eyes. Contribute to your child’s growth and development by choosing from the best after school gymnastics programs that Rochester, NY has to offer!