Have you ever seen the show American Ninja Warrior? There is so much hype surrounding the contestants going through challenging and unique obstacles under a certain amount of time in hopes of becoming the next “American Ninja Warrior”. Have you or your kids ever thought you could participate on the show? Do you have what it takes? Well, come to Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics to practice and learn how to get through our very own Ninja Warrior Course!

We recently added new equipment to our gym in order to create this unique Ninja Warrior Course and we want you to take advantage of it! Our course is proven to help with coordination and strength and most importantly, it’s fun. There are opportunities for you children to train to be the next American Ninja Warrior as part of our after school programs in our Rochester, NY facility. We wanted to stray away from your typical after school programs and bring something new to the table. No other gymnastics facility in the Rochester area provides all of the American Ninja Warrior obstacles as safe as we do. We have brand new equipment, safe harnesses, and trained staff who can spot and train your child to get through each obstacle.

Try not to fall in the foam pit as you swing through our cargo net, try to get to the top of our 7ft and 10ft walls, and learn how to defeat the jumping spider, among many other obstacles that will keep your child challenged and in good shape. In no time you will start to see improvements in your child’s coordination, strength, and overall happiness. Getting involved in an after school program, especially one as challenging as the Ninja Warrior Course, helps your child find passions and interests. It is healthy for them to work their minds and bodies in ways they don’t usually do and the rewarding feeling of conquering a course is like no other. 

Working hard, focuses, and learning does not stop outside of the classroom. In fact, after school is the perfect time for your child to grow and experience new things! We have multiple options for after school programs and our Ninja Warrior Course in Rochester, NY is a great option. The Ninja Warrior Course is available during the following days/times:


Thursday: 8:00 pm-9:10 pm (ages 6-Adult)
Friday: 4:15 pm-5:25 pm (age 6-Adult)
Saturday: 12:00 pm-1:10 pm (ages 10-Adult)
                 1:20 pm-2:30 pm (ages 6-Adult)

Contact us today about getting your child involved in our Ninja Warrior after school program or get more information about our other after school programs. We know you and your child will be thrilled with what we have to offer and who knows, maybe one day your child could be the next American Ninja Warrior!