We still have plenty of summer left, but it’s a good time right now to think about after-school activities for the upcoming school year. At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics we excel in offering a variety of programs and classes in Rochester, NY in the evening or on the weekend or kids of all ages. After-school programs and extracurricular activities can help your child to learn new skills while having fun in the process. Here are the four reasons why after-school programs are good for kids. 

  1. Explore New Activities

    Northern Hemisphere encourages kids of all ages to try something new in our evening and weekend classes in Rochester, NY. Our preschool, ninja-warrior, and gymnastics classes will allow kids to be immersed in a wide range of activities. Trying new things will allow kids to step out of their comfort zone and be exposed to new activities they may have never considered before, all in a safe and friendly environment at Northern Hemisphere. The possibilities are endless, and your child may find a new activity that brings them joy.

  2. Improve Social Skills

    While after-school programs can expose your child to new experiences, they are also a great way for a kid to make new friends and develop more social skills. Our evening and weekend classes allow your child to find kids that have similar interests, which can greatly help them to build lasting friendships. Whether your kid is 4 years old or 10 years old, Northern Hemisphere guarantees that they’ll be able to meet new friends while working together and having fun at our after-school programs and classes in Rochester, NY.

  3. Build Character

    Along with making friends, after-school programs and classes can teach your child the basics of being a nice person. Our programs help to teach your child basic values like respecting others, being responsible, being honest, and being kind. Learning these life skills at a young age can help to shape your child into a nice friend and person as they grow up.

  4. A Healthy Break From Screen Time

    With school keeping kids away from tuning in to TV, phones, video games, and other electronics, after-school programs and classes are another great way for kids to get some physical activity in a tech-free space. When kids are away from technology they are able to engage with new people and through fun activities, rather than staring at a screen.

  5. Have Fun

    Our evening and weekend classes are designed to make sure that your child has a wide variety of fun activities at their disposal. Northern Hemisphere wants everyone who participates in our after-school programs and classes in Rochester, NY to have fun and play well with others, and by teaching kids the values of character will help to ensure that everyone has fun during the school year.

Just because school is in session doesn’t mean your child has to put fun to the side. Northern Hemisphere offers a number of different programs on evenings and weekends during the school year that kids can participate in. We can make sure that the fun doesn’t stop just because the school year has begun!