In just about 2 months we will have the first week of our 2018 summer camps in Rochester, NY at Northern Hemisphere Gym! Summer camps are a perfect way for your child to develop themselves, cultivate relationships and have fun at the same time. Summer camps have been around for decades and can provide your child with pivotal skills they can carry throughout their life.

So how can our summer camps in Rochester, NY help your child prepare for adulthood?


1. Decision Making

Summer camp forces your child to learn to make decisions, sometimes even in an instant. Your child will have to master decision making throughout their camp experience. Not only will their decision-making skills improve, but they will also gain confidence throughout the process. Further, your child will learn who to accept guidance from.

2. Teamwork

Teamwork is a life skill everyone needs to acquire. Luckily, summer camp will have your child ahead of the game when it comes to knowing how to be an active member of a team. Through team activities, your child will gain an understanding of the importance of communication and work together toward a bigger purpose or goal. Team activities will instill the importance of investing in others so the whole team benefits versus just one individual.

3. Trying New Things

We don’t realize how much we love our comfort zone until we are pushed out of it. Summer camp will encourage your child to expand their limits by putting themselves out there and trying new things. Through these new experiences and activities, your child will build character, courage, determination, and focus. By having the flexibility to push their boundaries your child will gain an understanding of what it takes to be productive outside of their comfort zone.

4. Resilience

Fall seven times, stand up eight! Our summer camps in Rochester, NY offer several challenging outdoor activities such as ropes courses and kayaking. Some of these activities your child may have never been exposed to and therefore there's a certain amount of failing and falling that may happen. Your child will learn to be resilient as they continue to progress instead of giving up when times get tough.

5. Growing Up

Overall, your child will grow throughout our summer camps in Rochester, NY, both mentally and physically. Generally, people seek enjoyable experiences and avoid unpleasant ones, but camp will push your child to broaden their horizons by trying new things and continuing when things get tough. Our Summer camp will strengthen your child’s values, confidence, and acceptance of adversity.

We are proud to provide summer camps in Rochester, NY that will contribute to the development of your child throughout life. Our summer camps in Rochester, NY will help your child learn foundational principles such as how to trust others, work together, and build relationships. Your child is sure to leave our summer camp feeling empowered!