Rochester Gymnastic Class Details Below

Rates below are for a class that meets once a week for 8 weeks.  

Classes at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics are very structured.  Students must be able to play well with others and follow directions from all coaches at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics

Preschool Gymnastics

Boys and Girls 3 1/2 -5 1/2 yrs  

6 students per instructor


Girl’s Gymnastics

5 1/2-7 yrs, 7-10 yrs, or 10-15 yrs

8 students per instructor

Gymnastics - $136

Parent & Child Gymnastics

18 months- 3 1/2 yrs        

6 students per instructor


Boy’s Gymnastics

6 yrs and up          

7 students per instructor

Gymnastics - $136

Cheer/Tumble Program

8 years and up    

8 students per instructor

This class focuses on the gymnastics tumbling skills needed in cheerleading. This class will also help students that are looking for the tumbling skills used in other sports such as dance, karate, and diving.

Cheer/Tumble - $136

Northern Ninja Warrior

6 yrs and up, 9 yrs and up

Includes different strength and coordination obstacles similar to what is shown on the TV show "American Ninja Warrior"

Ninja Warrior Classes -$172

Boys Flips & Tricks

8 years and up     

8 students per instructor

This is a fun awesome way for boys to learn all kinds of flips and trick used in extreme sports and more, while in a safe environment.

Flips & Trick - $136

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be taken alone or with a friend.  You can choose your own coach.

Private lessons are scheduled and billed monthly.  There is a an anniversary fee for private lessons.  Private lessons are 30 minutes long.
1 student $28.50
2 students $23.50 each
3 students $19.50 each



A $25.00 yearly member fee is due at the time of registration.  

The maximum yearly member fee for a family is $40.00.  

Anniversary fees are not required for camps.

We do not offer trial classes, you are welcome to come watch.

Discounts do not apply to private lessons

Families with multiple children receive 10% off any additional child enrolled in class.

A child coming twice a week will receive 15% off the second class, if it is your child's first session you can receive 30% off the second class.