Rochester, New York: The Screen Effect

Rochester, New York: The Screen Effect

Entertaining your child can be challenging...keeping them entertained for hours can be near impossible. With tablets and phones capable of housing all their favorite apps and shows on to one device, it seems like the best option to keep your child amused. But, what are the impacts of all that screen time? At Northern Hemisphere, we understand parenting can be one of hardest and most rewarding job ever. Sometimes, all you need is another option to keep your little ones smiling, without becoming dependent to a device.

A Summer of a Life Time in Rochester, NY

A Summer of a Life Time in Rochester, NY

At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics we offer activities at our summer camps in Rochester, NY that are both unique and fun! Our camps are designed both for you and your child with convenient drop off times, and excited staff to make your child’s summer the best!

Psychological Benefits of Summer Camp in Rochester, NY

Psychological Benefits of Summer Camp in Rochester, NY

Kids get all the free time this summer while you are still busy work and the million other things on your to-do list. So what’s a great way to occupy your child’s attention and have them develop good characteristics? Our summer camps in Rochester, NY will do just that! Your child will experience and interact in a community of people their age, developing social skills and a can-do attitude!

5 Ways Summer Camp in Rochester, NY Prepares Your Child for Adulthood

5 Ways Summer Camp in Rochester, NY Prepares Your Child for Adulthood

In just about 2 months we will have our first week of our 2018 summer camps in Rochester, NY at Northern Hemisphere Gym! Summer camps are a perfect way for your child to develop themselves, cultivate relationships and have fun at the same time. Summer camps have been around for decades and can provide your child with pivotal skills they can carry throughout their life.

6 Benefits of Physical Activity Provided by Summer Camp

6 Benefits of Physical Activity Provided by Summer Camp

At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics we give your child the physical activity needed to help them grow and develop in a healthy way. Our summer camps provide a unique way to both increase your child's social skills while practicing a healthy lifestyle. By enrolling your child you give them the opportunity to get them out of their comfort zone to make new friends and grow their confidence.

Core Advantages Provided by Summer Camps

Core Advantages Provided by Summer Camps

Summer camps are a great way for children to exercise and gain valuable social skills that will help them develop outside of school. Our programs include ninja warrior events, gymnastics, archery, rope courses, and more!

Kids Summer Camps In Rochester, NY

Kids Summer Camps In Rochester, NY

It’s that time of year to start thinking about what your child will be doing over the summer when school is out. The good news is we are now accepting registration for 2018 summer camps in Rochester, NY! Our facility features top of the line equipment with over 20,000 square feet including many in-ground trampolines, in-ground tumble tracks with different degrees of firmness, spotting harnesses and much more. Our motto at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics is “Kids First, Winning Second” and we strive to ensure your child is safe and having fun above all else!

Summer camps can be great for children for several reasons. At summer camp children become a part of a special community that promotes physical activity and fun all in one. Children are known to find confidence and independence as they are learning new skills and summer camps are great for children to meet new friends they may not go to school with. Furthermore, summer camp is a phenomenal way to keep children unplugged from technology for hours on end!

At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics we offer 3 different types of summer camps in Rochester, NY: Adventure Camp, Preschool Adventure Camp, and Gymnastics Camp.

Adventure Camp is designed for children starting at age 6 and the program runs from 9:00am-4:00pm, Monday thru Friday. Adventure Camp offers indoor gymnastics, ninja warrior events, archery, ropes course, zip lines, kayaking, slip n' slides and more.

For children ages 4 to 6 we have created a similar program to the Adventure Camp, Preschool Adventure Camp, which runs Monday thru Friday from 9:30am to 12:00pm. This camp provides indoor gymnastics, ninja warrior, ropes course, zip lines, slip n' slides and canoe rides. We politely ask that your children be completely potty trained before signing up for this camp.

Gymnastics Camp is designed a little different than our Adventure Camps and focuses solely on gymnastics rather than other activities. This camp is for children ages 6 and older and has several different time slot options: 9:00am-4:00pm, 9:00am-12:00pm, and 1:00pm-4:00pm.


  • Early Drop Off (anytime 7:30 am-9:00 am) $6 a day/$25 a week

  • Late Pick Up (anytime 4:00 pm-5:30 pm) $ 6 a day/$25 a week

  • Early Drop Off and Late Pick Up $9 a day/ $40 a week

  • Adventure Camp: $269

  • Preschool Camp: $142

  • Gymnastics Camp: Full Day $256/Half Day $142       

Any summer camps that are less than 5 day will be charged the school year camp price. Call for special pricing for the whole summer!

Buy one full week of summer camp, and receive 5% off of another week of equal or less value!





Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics focuses on youth summer and school year camps, along with training for gymnastics in Rochester, NY. We know a little bit about the fascinating history of gymnastics, so we thought we would share it with you!


History of Gymnastics

Gymnastics combines physical skills including: coordination, dexterity, body control, strength, and other various skills all performed in an artistic manner. The name “gymnastics” is derived from the ancient Greek word for disciplinary exercises. It was introduced to facilitate bodily development in early Greek civilization through numerous exercises like running, jumping, swimming, throwing, and weight lifting. Physical fitness in both men and women was a highly valued quality in ancient Greece. After the Romans conquered Greece, they developed the activities into a more formal sport where they used gymnasiums to prepare their troops for war. As Rome declined, gymnastics dwindled, but tumbling remained a form of entertainment.


Modern Gymnastics

In 1774, Johann Bernhard Basedow began the modernization of gymnastics when he included physically exercised with other forms of instruction, which brought the sport to the spotlight. In the late 1700s, Friedrich Ludwig Jahn of Germany developed the side bar, the horizontal bar, parallel bars, the balance beam, and jumping events. Jahn is considered to be the “father of modern gymnastics.” In the 1800s, gymnastics flourished in Germany, especially after the opening of Jahn’s school in Berlin in 1811. Following the school opening, numerous clubs formed in Europe and later in England. Gymnastics was introduced to the United States by Dr. Dudley Allen Sargent around the time of the Civil War. Most of the growth of gymnastics in the US focused on the activities of European immigrants.


Modern Competition

Men’s gymnastics was first part of the Olympic Games in 1896 and has been on the Olympic agenda continually since 1924. Women’s gymnastic competitions began in 1936 with an all-around competition, and in 1952 competition for separate events was added. In the early Olympic competitions the dominant male gymnasts were from Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Switzerland, which are the countries where gymnastics was first developed. By the 1950s, Japan, the Soviet Union, and the Eastern European countries began to build the leading male and female gymnasts.


Gymnastics gained substantial popularity because of Olga Korbut’s of the Soviet Union and Nadia Comaneci of Romania performances in the 1972 Olympics. The coverage of these performances gave the publicity it needed. After this, many countries began to promote gymnastics, mostly for women. From here on out, the sport of gymnastics has continued to grow in popularity. Today, the modern international competition has six events for men and four events for women. Teams are made up of six gymnasts where each performs on every piece of equipment.


Our coaches at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics in Rochester, NY appreciate the history of gymnastics and will be sure to teach your children the fundamentals. Contact us today to sign your child up for gymnastics in Rochester, NY!

Ninja Warriors in Rochester, NY

Ninja Warriors in Rochester, NY

If you’ve ever played sports or have kids that partake in sports, you know that injury prevention is key to an athlete’s overall health, performance, and stability. With all sports and physical activity, contact or not, injuries are a possibility. Here at Northern Hemisphere, we want to educate and train all of our athletes in a way that incorporates injury prevention so that they stay healthy and have fun. We understand the nervousness that comes with the possibility of our children getting injured in sports, but our staff’s main priority is to keep your children safe!


It is scientifically proven that strength training significantly decreases an athlete’s vulnerability to injury. So, how much more fun could you have while strength training than through the use of our Ninja Warrior Course in Rochester, NY? Just like the Ninja Warrior show on TV, our course has several unique and challenging obstacles for your child to experiment with. Our staff will teach them the safest ways to overcome the Ninja Warrior Course, all while building up strength and coordination. As your child continues to build up their strength by using our Ninja Warrior Course, their chances of injury will keep decreasing!


Physical Prevention

Strength training is good for injury prevention. It also keeps gymnasts motivated by helping them progress to the next skill level. Without strength, gymnasts cannot continue to learn new and advanced skills. Adding to this, a strong core is very important when it comes to providing a stable base for their arms and legs as they move, run, jump, flip, etc.  Having a strong core provides gymnasts with a stable base for the arms and legs as they move in different directions. The Ninja Warrior Course at Northern Hemisphere in Rochester, NY focuses a lot on strengthening the core muscles that allow our gymnasts to do what they do best and continue to advance, injury free!

Muscle pulls and tears are possible if our gymnasts don’t take the proper means to warm up and stretch before doing physical activity. Flexibility imbalances can occur in the thighs, calf muscles, and hips of gymnasts especially. Performing stretches several times a day and making sure to properly warm up before doing gymnastics will significantly improve strength and injury prevention. Keeping your muscles healthy and strong is key to being a successful gymnast!


Mental Prevention

Gymnasts are often viewed as fearless because of all the different flips and tricks they can accomplish that most other people cannot or would be afraid to do. It is completely normal and healthy for gymnasts to get excited and anxious while performing or competing; however, if these feelings cause the gymnast to lose focus, serious injury could be the consequence. Here at Northern Hemisphere, we make sure to train our athletes not only physically, but mentally. The challenging obstacles in our Ninja Warrior Course in Rochester, NY is a great place to start. The course can teach our athletes how to control different feelings of excitement or anxiousness and channel those feelings in a way that will benefit their performance, instead of hinder it or cause injury. It will also train them to stay focused and build up the mental aspect of their game that prevents injury.

Contact us today for more information about our Ninja Warrior program in Rochester, NY!

After School Program: Ninja Warrior

After School Program: Ninja Warrior

Have you ever seen the show American Ninja Warrior? There is so much hype surrounding the contestants going through challenging and unique obstacles under a certain amount of time in hopes of becoming the next “American Ninja Warrior”. Have you or your kids ever thought you could participate on the show? Do you have what it takes? Well, come to Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics to practice and learn how to get through our very own Ninja Warrior Course!

We recently added new equipment to our gym in order to create this unique Ninja Warrior Course and we want you to take advantage of it! Our course is proven to help with coordination and strength and most importantly, it’s fun. There are opportunities for you children to train to be the next American Ninja Warrior as part of our after school programs in our Rochester, NY facility. We wanted to stray away from your typical after school programs and bring something new to the table. No other gymnastics facility in the Rochester area provides all of the American Ninja Warrior obstacles as safe as we do. We have brand new equipment, safe harnesses, and trained staff who can spot and train your child to get through each obstacle.

Try not to fall in the foam pit as you swing through our cargo net, try to get to the top of our 7ft and 10ft walls, and learn how to defeat the jumping spider, among many other obstacles that will keep your child challenged and in good shape. In no time you will start to see improvements in your child’s coordination, strength, and overall happiness. Getting involved in an after school program, especially one as challenging as the Ninja Warrior Course, helps your child find passions and interests. It is healthy for them to work their minds and bodies in ways they don’t usually do and the rewarding feeling of conquering a course is like no other. 

Working hard, focuses, and learning does not stop outside of the classroom. In fact, after school is the perfect time for your child to grow and experience new things! We have multiple options for after school programs and our Ninja Warrior Course in Rochester, NY is a great option. The Ninja Warrior Course is available during the following days/times:


Thursday: 8:00 pm-9:10 pm (ages 6-Adult)
Friday: 4:15 pm-5:25 pm (age 6-Adult)
Saturday: 12:00 pm-1:10 pm (ages 10-Adult)
                 1:20 pm-2:30 pm (ages 6-Adult)

Contact us today about getting your child involved in our Ninja Warrior after school program or get more information about our other after school programs. We know you and your child will be thrilled with what we have to offer and who knows, maybe one day your child could be the next American Ninja Warrior!

After School Programs

After School Programs

All parents can agree that school plays a key role in their child’s development starting in preschool and continuing all the way through senior year of high school. However, growth and development doesn’t come to a halt once the bell rings and classes are over for the day. In fact, after school is the perfect time to continue to work on developing our children through the use of after school programs. Whether it’s something social, physical, or educational, it is crucial to keep our children’s minds working, bodies moving, and hearts open to new experiences. Participating in gymnastics afterschool is the perfect way to ensure growth of the mind, body, and hearts in both a literal sense and metaphorical sense.

Northern Hemisphere has gymnastics after school programs for all ages and levels in Rochester, NY. We want to prove to you that signing your children up for an after school program at our gymnastics facility is truly beneficial to their growth and development. Here are some scientifically proven benefits of afterschool programs:

  • Increases academic performance
  • Increases the likeliness of children to attend school regularly and less likely to skip/drop out
  • Improves leadership skills
  • Improves social skills
  • Less behavioral and emotional issues both in the classroom and at home
  • Keeps children physically active and encourages healthy diets
  • Increases problem-solving skills

In order for all of these positive aspects of after school programs to truly work, the program itself must do some work on its own end. First, the program must provide access to full participation for each and every student. Here at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics we keep a low student-instructor ratio to ensure that all of our students get the proper instruction, attention, and participation time. 

Second, the program must have quality programming and staff. We make sure that our after school classes are both fun and structured in order to keep a healthy balance between the two. All of our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable about working with children, training, and gymnastics in general. 

Lastly, the after school program must create a healthy and comfortable environment to keep the children safe and stress-free. Our motto is “Kids First, Winning Second.” We work extremely hard to make sure that all of our students, regardless of their level, continue to feel challenged without feeling pressured. All of our staff truly try to connect with their students and give them a trusted adult to come to for anything.

We want our parents to be happy with where they send their kids after school to continue growing and developing and Northern Hemisphere is the perfect place for fun and active growth for all ages and experience levels. We stand behind of our after school programs and live up to our motto. Let your children experience all that we have to offer here at Northern Hemisphere and watch them continue to grow and develop into strong, smart, and social people right in front of your eyes. Contribute to your child’s growth and development by choosing from the best after school gymnastics programs that Rochester, NY has to offer!

After School Programs Rochester, NY

After School Programs Rochester, NY

We know our parents put tireless hours into their jobs everyday to provide for their families and the last thing they want to worry about is how to keep their kids active after school. Here at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, we make sending your kids to an afterschool class an easy decision. We have the perfect after school programs in Rochester, NY to keep your energetic kids moving around and having a great time!

Not only will your kids be having fun, but they will also be getting enough exercise to keep them healthy during the school year. With increasing responsibilities and work from school during the Fall, it is easy to forget to stay stress-free and active. Come to Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics for a fun and active after school program located in Rochester, NY!

We have small student-instructor ratios so your child will be getting just the right amount of guidance and not feel overwhelmed. We have afterschool programs for kids of all ages and experience levels:

  • Preschool Gymnastics (Ages 3 ½ - 5 ½ yrs )

  • Girl’s Gymnastics (Ages 5 ½ -7 yrs, 7-10yrs, 10-15yrs)

  • Parent & Child Gymnastics (Ages 18 months – 3 ½yrs )

  • Boy’s Gymnastics (Ages 6+ yrs)

  • Cheer/Tumble Program (Ages 8+ yrs)

  • Northern Ninja Warrior (Ages 6+yrs, 10+yrs)

  • Boys Flips & Tricks (Ages 8+yrs)

  • Private Lessons (Any age)

While our classes are a lot of fun, they are also very structured. It is important that our students are able to follow instructions from all of our coaches and work well with other students.

Our gym is home to top of the line equipment and coaching so your child gets the most valuable experience possible. Regardless of the afterschool program, we have the first class equipment and coaching necessary. Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics has also recently added new equipment to our gym for our Ninja Warrior program that mimics the popular TV show “American Ninja Warrior” with a wide variety of unique obstacle courses to improve strength and coordination.

Parents can sit back and relax in our spacious waiting room that has a view of the whole gymnasium. We also provide free Wifi and air conditioning for a comfortable stay. Watch your children progress from week to week and build self-esteem while doing so. Sign up for one our fun and active alternative after school programs located in Rochester, NY.

Summer Camps Rochester, NY

Summer Camps Rochester, NY

It’s not too late to sign your kids up for summer camp in Rochester, NY!

The best camps offer much more than just a week to keep your kids occupied during the summer months. There are a variety of summer camps for parents (and children) to choose from. So, how do you choose? If you’re sending your children to a camp for the first time and feel uneasy, asking these questions might help:


What is the summer camps’ philosophy?

Make sure that this fits with what you and your children are looking for. Here at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, our motto is “Kids first, winning second.” It isn’t all about who won or who is better at something. We teach them necessary skills that they take with them. We offer one of the top summer camps in Rochester, NY!


Is the staff the same as previous years?

We have the same staff running the summer camps that run all our camps throughout the year. We take interest in all families that send their children to any of our camps and get to know you, so you will see the same faces all year round!


What is the ratio of counselors to campers?

For children under 14 years old, it is recommended that the ratio of counselors to campers be 1:10. Here, for ages six and up, the ratio is 1:8. For the preschool summer camp, the ratio is 1:6. We put safety first and are able to be attentive to your children by having a bigger staff and smaller classes.


How do you handle injuries that may happen?

At Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics, we do everything we can to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. If, for any reason, your child is injured, we have a number of staff members that are CPR, AED and First-aid certified that are on the premises while the camps are running.


Do you have references?

Most of our new families come to Northern Hemisphere because we came highly recommended from other families who have children that attend our summer camps.

We believe that what we offer will please both parents and their children! Our summer camp facility, located in Rochester, NY, is up-to-date, while offering a variety of affordable camps to choose from. Our trained and experienced staff will make sure that your child is safe, all while having fun! They will keep your kids active all day and teaches them skills that leave a lasting impression.

We pride ourselves in the fact that our summer camps have been running for just under 20 years. Having that history is important to families when they are choosing where to bring their kids. We promise that your kids will be begging to come back every summer to our camps in Rochester, NY!

Summer Camp Rochester, NY

Summer Camp Rochester, NY

Are you looking for a rain-or-shine activity for your kids to do during the week over the summer of 2017 in Rochester, NY? Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics is the best “Kids First-Winning Second” summer camp in the Rochester, NY area. Make the summer of 2017 a fun-filled, active, learning experience for kids of all age groups, at Northern Hemisphere. Get involved and let your child discover talents they didn’t know they had in the Adventure Camp, Preschool Adventure Camp, or the Gymnastics Camp program.


The Adventure Camp

This camp includes indoor gymnastics, ninja warrior events, archery, ropes course, zip lines, kayaking, slip n' slides and more! The adventure camp is for children six years of age and older and help with overall flexibility, strengthening, coordination, and self-esteem for your children. The goal is to challenge those who participate in our camps without supplementary pressure. This class is from Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and is offered for $265.


The Preschool Adventure Camp

This camp includes indoor gymnastics, ninja warrior, ropes course, zip lines, slip n' slides and canoe rides. The preschool adventure camp is for children four to six years of age. The preschool adventure camp is held Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 12:00pm and is offered for $139.


The Gymnastics Camp

This camp focuses on helping your child gain confidence and allow for goal setting along with using their current strength to participate in these unique activities. The gymnastics camp is for children six years of age or older. This class will also help students that are looking for the tumbling skills used in other sports such as dance, cheerleading, karate, and diving. This is a fun and exciting way for energetic children to learn all kinds of flips and tricks while being in a safe and supervised environment. The gymnastics camp is held from 9:00am to 4:00pm, 9:00am to 12:00pm or from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and you can choose from a full day priced at $252 or a half day priced at $139.

Sign your children up for the most fulfilling rain-or-shine summer camp in Rochester, NY!

Buy one full week of summer camp, and receive 5% off of another week of equal or less value. Call for special pricing for the whole summer.

Rochester's Summer Camp for Kids! Ninja Warriors, Gymnastics, & More!

Rochester's Summer Camp for Kids! Ninja Warriors, Gymnastics, & More!

Your kids will have the best summer ever with us at Northern Hemisphere Gymnastics. We have plenty of indoor and outdoor activities that will keep your kids active. We offer activities to kids in the Rochester area that you will only see at our gym, like our new Ninja Warrior obstacles! Kids stay cool and out of the sun in our 20,000 square foot air conditioned facility. 

Kids can improve their gymnastics by practicing all day or half a day at our gymnastics camp. Cheerleaders can work on their tumbling to get ready for their cheer season at our cheer/tumble camp. Want more activities? Register for adventure camp and your kids will never run out of things to do. Adventure camp includes archery, kayaking, gymnastics, zip ling, water activities, ninja warrior obstacles, outdoor ropes course, and a trip to Seabreeze. Your little preschooler will have tons to do with gymnastics, zip lining, water activities, canoe rides and our outdoor ropes course during our preschool camp.

Adventure Camp (kids 5 ½ and up) $259 a week
Gymnastics Camp (kids 5 ½ and up) Half day $132 a week/ Full day $249 a week
Preschool Camp (3 ½-5 ½, must be potty trained) $132 a week
Cheer/Tumble Camp (8 yrs and up) $132 a week